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Disney Channel - Bad Hair Day

25 Feb 2015

Thanks to the good people at Zone and Boost Music my track 'Heatroc' Feat: Lazarus has been picked up and used in a Disney Channel Feature Movie called Bad Hair Day, look out when the lady cop pulls over the kids in the car, it's a fun film and great usage, we're very happy to know our track reached just under five million viewers when it premiered on Feb 13th 2015.

The clip has been added to the showcase section for your viewing pleasure! Or see it here:

Looking forward to all that 2015 is shaping up to offer... more news coming soon!

As ever, thanx to all those who continue to support and appreciate the music, production, remixing and deejaying that gets done round here!

One Love.

Online Onslaught.. New Stuff..

03 Jun 2013

Got a couple of new blogs running...

THE DECKWRECKA REVIEW - An Old School DJ Recommends..
Reviews of stuff, shared experiences, events films, stuff that's doing it right...

AGZILLA - One Man and His Opinion..
Personal musings, esoteric rhetoric, metaphysical ramblings and just whatever i was thinking about...

Follow @agzillabeats onTwitter & Instagram for up to the moment happenings..

Shout out to our good friends @SUPFORALL the online swerve is happening...



Sunshine State Of Mind....

18 Apr 2013

Yessss..... Sunshine... Great for the creativity..great for healthy vibe, life out doors... Garage Band composing under a tree with ya headphones on!!

Been a nice start to spring... Positive movements.... Big shout out to Sugs for hooking us up to check out his show whilst on tour here... Great show, really well written, fascinating too... cetainly took me back top my childhood... Great night out.. Cheers mate..

Massive respect to the Mighty Julian Marley and the Uprising Band... back on tour and hopefully gonna re-awaken some spirit in the people whilst passing through...

Music is in motion as ever... New gear in the lab... new ideas and most of all sunshine and BBQ....

What more can you possibly want?


Spring Is In The Air... B-Movie Beats On The Air Waves...

17 Mar 2013

C'mon spring... Snow? That aint right!!!

Thankfully what is right is the Warner Chappell Production Music's new release B-Movie Beats!

This album features five tracks from Alan Gold/Agzilla and the album is really interesting and exudes high quality production values throughout...
All the composers involved really gave a great account of themselves and delivered some really cool tracks...

Big Up... of course at the helm was the creative genius that is the mercurial Mr Roberto Borzoni, this guys is a beast when it comes to concepts for projects, attention to detail and of course the finished product (wait til you see the cover artwork!) .. On top of that he's a really cool dude to work alongside... One minute he's in the lab on some downtown science with us.. the next moment he's all up in a huge facility rocking with a full orchestra and is equally at home either way! Massive respect due..

Really enjoyable project to write for, I hope it does really well and in true B-Movie style inspires a sequel to unleash the terrors once more!


More exciting stuff in the pipeline and updates will appear as soon as non disclosure is up...

Thanks to all that rock with us, shout to Fantasy Rock as usual for back end improvements on the site...



Great New Year!

15 Jan 2013

Yup... It IS a bit chilly... but the feeling here is that this is going to be a good year indeed!

So we hope that's what your all feeling... Lets go get 'em again! We'll hit the foor running, hope to catch up soon and am looking forward to
working with some of you again... Those yet to be yet...... We look forward to the pleasure of your company... Pun Intended.

More to follow as things get moving.....

One Love.


Seasons Greetings!

23 Dec 2012

Just wishing everyone who has supported and shown love in 2012 a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Loving and Prosperous New year in 2013...

Been a good year here at Agzilla Central, bit early for an end of year round up but it's highly unlikely to happen otherwise due to our intention to kick back relax and enjoy good company, good food, good times....

See you all in 2013 and have a safe and fun holiday season...



Good News, Thick N Fast..

19 Sep 2012

Shouldn't be posting this because I can't divulge exactly what is going down yet.. Gotta keep everything on the low until its all ready.. But needless to say excitement is mounting and big things seem likely to happen..

In the meantime.. The new features on the site edge ever closer to completion.. Thanks to our top man Mr Rok Nemet.. so talented.. Big Up Bro..

So a slightly bogus news update but hey, go to the www.deckwrecka.com page and grab the free albums.. If you didn't already..

Soon Come..


B Movie Beats, Deckwrecka Album Downloads, Big Classical Joints And New Beginnings..

07 Sep 2012

Glad the summer being over doesn't seem to be making it any colder or less sunny!!

There's a lot going on! Just been finishing up some tracks for Warner Chappell Production Music courtesy of Roberto Borzoni.... Not gonna say too much but there's some great stuff happening there and the music has been inspiring and great to work on! Watch this space....

Working with some big classical orchestra sounds is always fun too and thanks to Kris Pilling and the good folks at Universal some very cool stuff has been going down which will also be live and available VERY soon.... again there will be more to follow and links etc..

A special mention this time out for the genius that is the master of code relations... Mr Rok Nehmet who is behind the scenes making everything actually work on this website.... There is now a DECKWRECKA link below that'll take you to a page where you can get two classic albums free of charge for now... V..For Vengeance and A Better Tomorrow?

Yeahh... everything is coming together....

Peace and Rice til next time.. Which will be soon!


New Mixcloud Uploads!

21 Feb 2012

Classic Mixtapes have been uploaded to Mixcloud for all to enjoy.... Including the original VENGEANCE II Mixtape!

This mixtape was the prototype and pre cursor to the first Deckwrecka LP V.. for Vengeance..



2012 - The End Of The Beginning!

01 Jan 2012

Well here we are... 2012 the year the Mayans predicted apocalypse and i wonder if they meant financial?, freedom and liberty of the people?, or just plain old fire and brimstone for all?

Because despite the gloomy news and strangely mild weather, notwithstanding the drizzle.. I feel strangely optimistic right now! Could be a start of a new year thing, fresh page, next chapter, new ideas... I just know that if you can think it and see it in the minds eye clearly you can make it happen!

So once more into the breach we go.. ready for war..ready to do battle with the competition to win the game, call the shots... get the placements and work it to the body and the head!

Big shouts and respect to all the usual crew... you know who you are and as always gratitude is extended unto you forever for all the support and love you show as we walk the road together!

The very best of luck to all and may your hard work be rewarded also....

Peace. One Love.


Agzilla - Get's In The MIx!!!

21 Dec 2011

Merry Xmas!

So i was inspired by the Skintologists to throw a mix up onto MixCloud... It's a cool thang! So with no further ado and good for you!
Here's the Agzilla - Deckwrecka UK Heritage Vol.1 Mixtape for your listening pleasure, it's a classic from the archives and features many complete legends and some familiar faces too!!!

Hear the sound of where it came from... Some straight pioneers within the confines of this collection! Enjoy!

Follow Agzilla Beats on Mixcloud


Jingle Bells.. Xmas Is On The Way!!

11 Nov 2011

Christmas is coming early.. The site update is underway.. we are in transition and my gosh the RNMedia team are like fire!
Special thanks and huge big ups to the original Rokstar!!!

Watch this space for all new music, free downloads and exclusive new project screenings coming soon!

Exciting Times...



Summer Is Gone! Warm Up Your Winter! Universal Linkup!

11 Sep 2011

Love the Summer...

But it's time to admit it's gone.... been cooking up some nice warm beats to see us through the winter months though, more to be revealed in time.. Gonna be rocking some new joints with MC Manic and of course the ever present Lazarus is waiting in the wings to roll through and lay down some heat..

Agzilla-Universal Publishing

For now here by popular request is a temporary link to our stuff over at Universal Publishing which will hopefully become a permanent link from the archive section as soon as the mysteriously awol code maestro and webslinger Daddy Rok returns....

Until then if you wanna check our premium stuff for use in your productions or just feel like having a listen... Click the link!

You can also do a seperate search once in there under 'Agzilla' to find even more of our hidden gems to enjoy...

Agzilla-Universal Publishing

Thanx to our regular supporters, employers and participants! All arer appreciatted to the max!


World Heavyweight Beats-SkySports Promo

21 Jun 2011

Very excited as a boxing fan, plus very proud personally to announce an Agzilla track has been placed for the SkySports promo and interview spots for the countdown and Box Office promotion for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World fight on July 2nd between David Haye and Vladimir Klitschko.

The track is "Knock Em Out" written and produced my Alan Gold made available via Chappel/Universal.

Extra special thanx go out to the one Mr Borzoni and Big Kris Pilling for the opportunity.

So we now count down and look forward to the fight... Can David Haye do it? With the left! With the right! Knock Em Out, Knock Em Out, Knock Em out For The Night!!!

One Love.

Dezeen Design Competition Winners - Agzilla

12 Apr 2011

Spring is here....Quick News Flash... One of our tracks has been picked to participate at JamScape, an experimental audio installation in Milan developed by Jawbone and Yves Behar of fuseproject.

Tracks have been programmed to be played through five monolithic forms constructed from 1,642 of Jawbone's Jambox wireless speakers (above) in the installation, located in the Ventura Lambrate district of Milan.

JamScape is a bold audio experiment that captures the idea of liberating and unleashing sound. Developed in partnership between Jawbone, Yves Behar, and his creative agency fuseproject, JamScape uses Jawbone's new JAMBOX wireless speaker and its punchy audio as building blocks to create a uniquely social experience in the form of a sound lounge.

You can also read more about this here:Dezeen-Jambox-Milan

Needless to say, we are very happy to be included in the audio soundscape for this event and think the new shiny Jambox will compliment our mixing on the go via Macbook very nicely....

Special shout out to www.garymorga.com for the link, check his stuff out it's fly!

Happy Days, Spring is indeed in the air!

Until Next Time... Peace and Thanx to all who make it what it is!

Happy Holidays And New Years Greetings!

30 Dec 2010

Wishing everyone a slightly belated seasons greetings and all the best for the coming year!
We'll be looking at expanding our operations some this year but more info on that will come towards springtime...

For now... all the best and may all you desire come your way and may the world be a better place for it!

See ya'll in 2011....

Summer Sadness...

15 Jul 2010

Hey all,

This update is gonna need to be brief, it is with deep sorrow and great sadness that we have to say farewell to two of the contributors to the Concrete Roots LP and also two personal friends..

We have lost the legendary 'Lincoln Sugar "Granulated" Minott' and our very own funky guitar and studio virtuoso 'Big Al'

Our thoughts and prayers, best wishes and positive vibes go out to their family, children and friends at this tragic and difficult time...

These two inspirational musical souls will be sorely missed but never forgotten, their musical legacy will be cherished and their spirit shall live on forever....

May they rest in peace and be remembered well....

Respect, One Love..

Big Al & Sugar Booga Minott

Until next time round... Peace to all who continue to fly the flag high... thanx for all the love and support..


21 May 2010

Seems like the best time of year is finally here!

We're into mixing down stages of a lot of stuff right now... been a busy couple of months!
Concrete Roots is gonna be a great project, and what with the ultra cool Nas and Damian Marley "Distant Relatives" record dropping right now it's looking good for modern reggae related music, if you haven't checked it out already go and do so... it's worth the price of admission!

There's a lot of other loose ends getting tied up as well.... gonna be a good summer season..

Thanx as ever to our supporters and friends... watch this space!

Special thanx to Scott Johnson, Lowenbad and big Lazzo for contributions over this last two months.


Bring It On!

20 Feb 2010


It's been cold long enough, bring on the spring already, anyway things are warming up in the Casa De Zilla, the new improved facility here is sounding nice and music is getting written at an alarming rate, the projects are starting to sound nice and the final pieces to some puzzles are falling into place!

Concrete Roots is getting it's final voice shortly, Come forth is in it's final third, and a new project for the good folks at Boosey/Cavendish Music is sounding really nice too...

I know it's like speaking in code and all a touch secretive but good things are worth waiting for so watch this space people..

Thanx to all the regular crew who check in and those who offer us support, work and a good time.

Catch you all soon..

The New Years Has Arrived!

24 Jan 2010

2010 is here, now it's starting to get kinda "sci-fi-ish", like before we know it 2020 will be here and then it sounds like we should expect to see spaceships n stuff floating overhead..

But instead we'll come back down to Jan 2010, which is bringing us at Agzilla.com good news, interesting opportunities and hopefully some long running projects soon to be resolved.,,

We've just had conformation of the inclusion of a very special musician to us on the forthcoming and long awaited Concrete Roots Project, plus possible final new featured artist on the last track to be recorded for the project.

The Lazarus album "Come Forth" is also finally nearing completion, the project has been through it's changes but it'll stronger for it, we feel a lotta people are going to like this one, gonna be interesting, worth the wait!

We should also (hopefully) soon be announcing our allegiance with a certain high profile Games Console Game Publisher, details have to be kept hush hush for now, but we cannot wait to be involved and getting busy on that, should be real fun, always been a personal dream to be involved in that area, not suprising since i played Defender as a kid, and also currently owning a geniune 1979 stand up arcade machine of Asteroids in Black & White by Atari... Watch this space..

Lastly, bigs up to Roberto Borzoni, FC Harmony, and all our regulars and supporters.. we are considering adding a blog to this site, because the news is just becoming one anyway.. would it be a good idea? email and let us know?

Until next time up.... Peace.

Once Again It's On.... Live In HD!

21 Aug 2009

As the year moves on, it gives us great pleasure say things are progressing nicely, there's some spectacular possibilities waiting in the wings to be announced very shortly we hope..

In the meantime, SkySports came to us at very short notice via Alex Black at Cavendish Music (Big Up!) with a brief for a rugged urban/rap statement of intent, skill, power and determination for a promo for coverage of Andy Murray at the US Open, the question being whether Mr Murray can project himself to world Number One... Does he have what it takes to go all the way?

It was a good job to do, with no stress or delays, very smooth, no faults... it has just been added to the clients/videos section where you can check it out for yourself.


Advantage Agzilla... (we love saying that!)

Until the next serve.. Out.

New Films Added To Our Evidence Section..

08 Mar 2009

As 2009 rolls on, we are making some great moves and things are growing, special thanks to our friends at JHM and Trailermedia who have been bringing some great projects to our doors....

Check out the new movies in the evidence section to see some of the other stuff that has been happening, it's taken a while for a couple to make it onto the site but better late than never...

The Son Of Babylon feature film trailer is also up and looks and sounds fantastic, this is a nice one for us as it is an area we would really like to expand on, so any feature film producers out there want a score? Get at us now while you can!

Lastly, the obligatory thanks and shout outs to our regulars and all those who support us, especially Rok at RNMedia....

Until next time... watch this space!

Agzilla And Lightning Strikes Pictures

08 Jan 2009

We are happy to announce that Agzilla will be providing music for the new Lightning Strikes Pictures martial arts instructional DVD featuring Guru Tony Felix teaching the ancient art of Pencak Silat.

This was a great placement to get and we are thankful to Director Alex Turnbull and all at Lightning Strikes for the continued endorsement and support of our creative vision.

There will be a sample from this project up on this site as soon as it's available, so watch this space fight fans..... you might even learn something!

All Good In 2009

05 Jan 2009

We would like to wish all our friends and regulars a very Happy New Year filled with Love, Good Health, Prosperity and Positive Vibes..

It is also a time for reflection on the previous year which had it's ups n downs for everyone, but overall a lot of hard work was done and progress was made, so extra thanks to those who contributed to the continued growth and creative development over here..

Lastly, but never least i personally would like to take this opportunity to welcome a new creative force aboard the good ship Agzilla in the form of Mr Kad Achouri an extremely talented and creative individual who will be getting busy on a number of projects alongside myself in 2009.

It will be an exciting time for us and we are looking forward to the year ahead....

Peace in 09... Thanx.


The Award Winning Sick Rick Campaign!

09 Aug 2008

It gives great pleasure to announce that the National Heart Foundation's 'Junk Monkeys' campaign for awareness of junk food marketing aimed at kids, for which Agzilla provided the soundtracks has won the Grand Prix at the NMA Effectiveness Awards.

It was great fun to work on this one and i give thanks to all who worked on it and made this possible, what with the Virgin 5 Cent ad winning a Titanium Lion at the time and this victory as well, soon team Agzilla will be looking for the treble!

The Sick Rick Junk Monkeys campaign has been popular too, check these links...

Sick Rick wins Grand Prix award..

Some People didn't approve or just needed something to talk about..

Seems like most people enjoyed it, check the comments..

Thanx again to all who support us, those who stop by and stay in touch, extra shout out to the one's who disappoint as well because they only help maintain determination..

On to the treble!!

Agzilla Represents On New Nokia N81 Music Phone!

07 Apr 2008

Just to let all and anyone know, and to express our gratitude to those good folks over at Universal Publishing Production Music.

We are proud to announce that the track 'Spitfire' written by Alan Gold & Yorke Eghan as part of the Hip Hop chronicles and featured on the UPPM Hip Hop Pop Crossover CD has been featured as one of the tunes that comes preloaded with the new Nokia N81 music phone.

I have personally walked into a Vodaphone store and had the assistant take a new phone out of the box, power it up and play me our song! It was a very satisfying feeling despite the guy thinking i was somewhat crazy.....

So to all at Universal who gave us this opportunity and allowed it to happen.

We thank you.

Alan Gold (Agzilla) & Yorke Eghan (Lazarus)

British Heart Foundation

29 Mar 2008

Check out the latest addition to the videos below, The British Heart Foundation campaign for junk food awareness and anti obesity in our children.

The Sick Rick campaign takes a revolting look at how it is made and what exactly goes into the food that is consumed by the nations kids everyday. There are actually a total of six short spots to this campaign, all requiring a slightly different edits and different movements based around our Slick Rick theme.

This was a cool project to be involved with and fun to do, special thanks go out to Archie and Tim at Domestic Science and Razorfish respectively for bringing Agzilla on board to compose.

All the usual thanx go out as ever to those who actually support and help us along the way as the evolution continues... onward and ever upward.

The Jamdown Sessions

10 Sep 2007

Agzilla has completed the first round of mixes for the 'Jamdown Sessions' project. The collection is to be released by Boosey & Hawkes Production Music for use in film and television. The tracks all share a reggae and carribean theme, covering dub, roots, dancehall, crossover, ska and jamaica jazz..

Guests providing vocals include: Leebert Hudson, Wayne Lawless, Jimi Lyons, Dougie Ruben, and the legendary Colorman.

So for your exclusive listening pleasure, follow the link below:


In other Agzilla news, Lazarus is set to return from the US to put in vital work on the full length 'Desperate Measures LP' Although close to completion we felt it was necessary to record a couple of new jams that were simply too nice not to include in the final selection. So watch this space for exclusives and previews as usual...

Lastly, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the long awaited 'Concrete Roots' reggae based project, the private brainchild and baby of Agzilla alongside some amazing guests is almost complete, one more track to voice and the vocalist may have finally been found for the all important final song... As soon as it's ready it will of course be posted on the site for you to check out first..

There is also still an exclusive preview of the 'Scott Johnson' project available for your listening pleasure here:


Thanx as usual to those who continue to support us and enable us to grow and progress.



Johnson's Juke Joint

09 Sep 2007

Happy Seasons Greetings, and it's come early this year because here is your chance to preview the new 'Scott Johnson' LP entitled ' Johnson's Juke Joint'

Drawing on multiple influences and with more than a cursory nod to his down south roots, this LP has a whole vibe and concept....Take a walk into the Johnsons and see.....

Co-Production by Agzilla and Scott Johnson
Lyrics written and performed by Scott Johnson
Executive production Agzilla Productions
Mixed By Zilla at Zilla's Place

"You gotta be crazy walking into the Johnson's.... better have something to say or they're gonna slice you up....."


Seeya in the New Year folks, and thanks to all who've emailed us and continue to offer us support!

Thank You

Agzilla Puts Finishing Touches To New LP Project..

21 Aug 2007

As i type this the finishing touches are being made to a new LP project for Cavendish Music, as yet untitled (it will be soon!) the project is primarily for production usage and sync although i hear a couple of tracks (leaked) may already be getting some underground love...

There will be a preview up shortly for your listening pleasure, check back soonish..

As ever, thanks and blessings to those who continue to support and show love.


2007 Rages On With A Vengeance...

22 Mar 2007

Scott Johnson's LP 'Johnson's Juke Joint' is now about to recieve it's final tweaks, two new tracks, and cover artwork is almost there... exciting times for Mr Johnson..and you can still preview the LP by using the link in our previous news item including the track that is not gonna make the final cut, can you guess which one?..

In other news, the Lazarus LP entitled 'Desperate Measures' looks set for it's final series of sessions before completion at last, the good man himself has been travelling and spending a lot of time going back and forth between the US and UK, but sometime around the beggining of May the last quarter of work on his project will begin in earnest...

That aside, the vaults section of this site is soon to grow and hopefully be simplified slightly, courtesy of those skillful folks at 'fantasyrock' So watch this space...

Hope everyones ready for Spring approaching... gonna be a long hot summer this year, and Agzilla Productions looks foward to providing many of you with a soundtrack to it...

Thanx... Til next time..


Agzillla Completes Cold Heat Entertainment Remix

13 Oct 2006

Hot of the press, fresh from the studio comes the Bullseye (Death Cert) Remix.

Jak Danielz Featuring: Sadat X (brand Nubian) and Buckshot (BDI Black Moon)

Go check it out on good old myspace following the link below....

Agzilla Productions Myspace

More coming soon..

Agzilla On Remix Duties...

28 Sep 2006

Agzilla is in remix mode this month, having completed a really nice mix on the track 'Bricks' for the group 'Lowenbad' who are creating a nice buzz stateside right now playing some cool gigs and recording their debut LP for release in 2007. You can go check out the remix on their myspace page here: Lowenbad's Myspace

Also underway is a remix for ColdHeat Entertainment outta NYC, the track is called 'Bullseye' and is by Jak Daniels & Johhny Walker, it feature none other than Buckshot from Blackmoon and the great Sadat X from legendary hip hop group Brand Nubian!

The mix is almost complete and should be handed over in a couple of days. So watch this space and check it out for sure.

Other projects remain on schedule and the push begins in earnest next month as 2007 starts to become a reality.

Thanks to all our clients, those who continue to support us.


Agzilla Productions Website Is Launched!

28 Aug 2006

With the help of our good friends at Rockadelphia the Agzilla Productions website is officially 'live'.. We've got a lot of tracks coming, some interesting projects on the horizon also, but still at hush hush top secret level.

The Lazarus LP 'Desperate Measures' is almost ready to mix, the big man is in the US on business for a month but upon his return it is most definately on!

The Concrete Roots Project is also nearing the completion stage, one track left to voice before final arrangements and mixing begins in earnest..

This site will continue to grow and more writers are slated in to join us by the end of the year so there should be a lot more product available here soon..

As this is the first bulletin we'll keep it short and sweet, but welcome, enjoy and check back often for all the latest and greatest...



what we do

Agzilla provides quality bespoke music and sound design for all media applications. Plus we have an extensive ever expanding archive of ready made audio solutions.

The difference between us and our competitors in this over crowded marketplace is our attention to detail, our background in modern underground commercially released music and our vast array of resources. Top notch musicians, programmers and players at our disposal, along with vocalists in many styles, ranging from rap to singing and contemporary poetry and voiceover.

All of our off the shelf tracks can also be adapted to order and alternate versions such as underscore elements can be custom arranged to provide a midway between the classic production music solution and the more expensive bespoke commissioned option.

In the Vaults you'll be able browse our archives and download a good quality mp3 version of the tracks for free so you can try the tracks for yourself. Then when you've found what you need or something almost perfect you can contact us to have your alterations made or just complete your license and receive the full quality audio file you require in no time at all.

Whether your an up and coming artist looking for beats, production house looking for soundscape, or an advertising agency looking for something credible to support your product you have come to the right place.


who we are

Composer - Alan Gold

Alan Gold AKA Zilla has a history that goes way back to the old school in the truest sense of the world, birthed in the era of dusty breakbeats, mixtapes and graffitti. Hip Hop became both a lifestyle, and a career choice.

Alan Gold - Agzilla - Deckwrecka

Alan Gold has commercially released two successful LP's under the 'Deckwrecka' moniker on the now legendary Ronin Records imprint, as well as seven E.P's, some singles and been responsible for countless remixes and carried out production duties for everyone from Mica Paris to Roots Manuva, Iron Maiden to Ice.T, plus many others.

He has composed and produced for television commercials including the award winning Virgin Mobile 5 Cent Campaign and Sony Walkman HD., other clients also include Nike, Wrangler Jeans, Dentyl, HSBC…

Alan has also written and produced three LP's for Production Music libraries at EMI Music Publishing (KPM Music), Placed tracks with Universal Music Publishing, also composed and produced an LP of collaborations with reggae artists for Cavendish Music. Alan is currently finishing his third LP entitled 'Concrete roots' to be released as a special one off Deckwrecka Produced compilation of collaborations with classic artist from the reggae scene past and present, including legends such as Sugar Minnot, Junior Reid, Michael Rose (Black Uhuru), Max Romeo, Dawn Penn and more.. Watch this space!

Composer - KAD ACHOURI

Classically trained, Kad is an extreme talent and possesses that rare gift of being technically excellent and a free enough spirit musically to totally express himself within his discipline.

Kad is able to apply this across genres and is equally happy in the glitchy post punk/rap world as he is amongst the orchestra or world music crowd getting deep! Many people would also testify to what a cool guy Kad is to work with, patience, attention to detail and a great sense of humour! Which is just what you need in this game.

He has been signed to BMG publishing UK and has released two solo singer songwriter LP's as an artist to critical acclaim and toured extensively across Europe.

Kad has written and produced music for film and television for BMG Zomba, he provided an album of contemporary urban musique for Koka Media in Paris. He has also written bespoke music for film trailers and advertising campaigns including the next Firetrap Clothing campaign.

Kad is currently writing his third commercial LP.




Sky Sports

Heavyweight championship of the world

The heavyweight championship of the world! Seconds out! Round one! Despite the outcome we were very proud to have our track placed on the promo for the main event, David Haye took on Vladimir Kitschko.
The Agzilla track 'Knock Em Out' is used for the official sky promo via the good fellas at Universal.. Special shout out to Mr Borzoni and Big Kris Pilling for the opportunity and support!!

Disney Channel

Disney Channel Feature Film

The song 'Heatroc' written by Agzilla feat Lazarus has been used in the Disney Channel Movie 'Bad hair day' Thanks to Jezz at Zone Music!

Sky Sports

US Open Andy Murray Promo

A nice promo spot for Skysports HD covering the US Open, with the focus being on whether Andy Murray has what it takes to make world number one. The brief was simple, speed, skill, power, determination, wrapped up in a dose of urban grit, Hip Hop and Rap was the obvious and in this case correct choice, which made this even more pleasure to undertake at very short notice, all in all, advantage Agzilla, and a very special shout and thank you to Mr Alex Black for lining it up. Out!!

Son Of Babylon

Feature Film Trailer

Released at the Cannes Film Festival 2009 Directed by exciting director Mohammed Al Daradgi this was a joy to see and hear, a simple but elegant piece perfectly highlights the mood, subject matter and beautiful cinematography, Kader Achouri provides the perfect musical tone with his classical piano style in this trailer for this amazing film.


Mouthwash Commercial

This ad features a track that was written by Agzilla for BMG Zomba as part of their extensive production music library and was picked up for this Dentyl commercial which aired in the first quarter of 2007. It had a fairly extensive run on UK national terrestrial channels and digital stations in primetime slots. Fresh!

British Heart Foundation

Sick Rick Campaign

The brainchild of those good folks at Domestic Science & Razorfish, Sick Rick is the anti hero leading the 'revolt' against the junk food that's sold to our innocent children. This campaign for the British Heart Foundation consisted of six of these short films, all needing various edits and movements around the Sick Rick theme, and yes they wanted it to sound as dirty and distorted as that.... if you want to watch the rest of Rick's repertoire they can be found at: Junkmonkeys.tv


Skate Team World Tour

The Stussy skate team world tour film, directed by the late James Le Bon. Representing the International Stussy Tribe's clothing line, the skaters tour the worlds coolest spots, poppin' tail slides, kickflips, ollies and rail slides as they go. Cool, fashionable and more like a funky video diary with beats. This film helped establish this already loved cult clothing brand worldwide by bringing it to the streets on an international level. This clip shows Tokyo, Japan and Brixton, United Kingdom. Vibe Holds The Tribe!

Cold Dead Hands

Short Film by Kaz Ove

Indie film making on the cutting edge, this is a tense journey through the psychology of the gun from the guns perspective, the sound content is mostly sound design and effects with a cool Hip Hop title theme courtesy of Agzilla. This is intense viewing for adults only, be warned!

The Clothes Show

Clothes Show Live

TV spot for the clothes show live, models strutting their stuff, designer living and a grungy electro rock theme. The sound of now made to order.

Virgin Mobile Australia

5Cent Campaign

The Virgin mobile 5Cent campaign was a huge success and scored a Titanium Lion at the Cannes advertising festival, mini rapstar 5Cent actually made public appearances and signed autographs of the back of these adverts in Australia. In reality the music and vocals were supplied by us and the actor lip synced the entire thing for camera...

Firetrap Commercial

Deadly Denim twisted Thoughts

Directed by Theo Tagholm for the BDP media Group, this is some cutting edge fashion. The music for this is as twisted as the imagery and the campaign could possibly scare you into buying their jeans, great job and everyone was very happy if not a little twisted....

Sony Walkman

Artist Campaign - 'Danny'

Part of a multiple version campaign featuring cutting edge visual artists and music, this ran throughout Europe. The brief was 'something frenetic and trashy' to reflect the urban aspect of the artist and grab your attention.


Global Alliance Launch

The brief wanted a world music style rolling groove rhythm with slow building strings, marimba and percussion. Very corporate, kind of dated now but does what it was supposed to and shows versatility, plus the client was happy and that is what is most important after all.

Be On Tv

Bring the masses to the masses

The agency was Momedia/Endemol with director Kevin Petillo, this is fast, furious reality bites back television, made to mimic the style and idea of post apocalyptic public broadcasting, this is as frenetic as it gets, beware!

Wrangler Jeans

More than a number Campaign

Utilizing big breaks, neck snapping snares and a booming 808 kick, featuring an LL Cool J look alike complete with trademark Kangol hat, this was a slick and memorable advert, beautifully shot with great music, it represents the influx of Hip Hop into popular culture. This music was written by the now defunct Ronin Collective of which Agzilla was a major part, hence it's inclusion here.


Skidmark Campaign

A series of adverts based around a basketball groupie leaving messages for NBA stars who refuse to take his call because he's such a nerd, we get to see the guys hanging out doing their thing while our hapless fan try's to make an impression. The brief was grainy rugged Hip Hop of the day designed to suit an answering machine.

40 Eastbourne Terrace

'40' Corporate Short

Property development in the Paddington basin, a vision of progress with slick animation, the music brief was 'futuristic yet warm, the sound of progress' the clients were very happy with this one and it apparantly made a huge impression on their investors.


Land of the Rainbow

Filmed in 1991, set to music in 2003. This is the moving picture version of the hidden epilogue track from the forthcoming LP Concrete Roots. Featuring iFree delivering the ital vital vision from the culture of the tree. The greatest education ever given to mankind.


who we worked with

  • Virgin Mobile Australia
  • Sony Walkman
  • Hsbc
  • Wrangler Jeans
  • Nike
  • 40 Eastbourne Terrace
  • The Clothes Show
  • Cold Dead Hands
  • Ifree
  • Loaded Magazine
  • Paramount Comedy Channel
  • Stussy
  • Mini Pips
  • Wella Shockwaves
  • Dentyl
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Son Of Babylon
  • Be On Tv
  • Firetrap Commercial
  • Sky Sports
  • Universal Music Publishing
  • EMI Music Publishing
  • Warner Chappell Publishing
  • ImageM Production Music
  • Boost Music
  • Trailer Media
  • Disney Channel
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